Rabid Bat Theatricals

Theatre and hamburgers.

About Rabid Bat

the cast of R and J- Aug. 2013

Origins/ History

Rabid Bat Theatricals came out of Chicago Summer nights, romantic ideas, pitchers of beer, and apartment meetings.  A group of young artists banded together with all their enthusiasm and pluck in order to make a play.  And then another one.  And we go on from here.

Rabid Bat Theatricals exists to get behind passion projects with all the force we can muster, and put accessible, entertaining, community-forming theatre out into Chicago.  

OUR MissIon

We produce theatrical events with an emphasis on accessibility, in terms of cost, material, and style, so that audiences of any age, race, gender, socio-economic or cultural background can enjoy these community-oriented shows. 

  Zoe Maltby and Pernell Myers in Romeo and Juliet

Zoe Maltby and Pernell Myers in Romeo and Juliet