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A French Greeting...

Bonjour wonderful internet! We're so excited to get this website published and announce our presence to the world.

The purpose of this blog space will be a chance for members of the team and cast to share their thoughts on the play and rehearsal process, as well as a chance for us to interface with anyone who wants to leave us a public comment. Ned will post regularly about his inspirations and experiences directing, and we'll have a different cast blogger at least every week. So, hopefully it will be an entertaining and insightful exploration of the play, at the very least it will be a way for ourselves to express and organize our thoughts. Keep checkin' it out!

 We're just embarking on Week 2 of rehearsals for Romeo and Juliet at Moody's. Moody's Pub, for those of you who are starting your exploration of the site with this blog post, is a Restaurant in Edgewater, located at 5910 N. Broadway Avenue in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chi-City (erm, Chi-cago). Learn more and explore their menu at moodyspub.com (I personally recommend the fried seaburger). We're doing the show there, 11 times, each time a little or a lot different, as the restaurant will continue to operate around us, and the actors will be interacting with and adjusting to the space and the staff as well as with and to each other. Very exciting stuff!

Week one of Rehearsals focused mainly on exploring the script. Ned has created a tight 90 minute adaptation that hones in on the interplay between love and death. We talked about what it means to be truly in love, what maturity is and in what ways Romeo and Juliet achieve it in their doomed romance, the nature of 'ancient grudges' and their destructive manifestations, and spent a very long time debating the proper pronunciation of the word 'benedicite.' No conclusion was reached; we welcome opinions in the comments section below.

If you have any questions about the show, please don't hesitate to e-mail barandjay@gmail.com


- Jake

Here's a gallery of photos from Week One- Our tablework (at Moody's!),  and a little swordplay for good measure. Click on an image to see the next one.