Rabid Bat Theatricals

Theatre and hamburgers.

Aug.-September 2015 - THe Princess, THe Minstrel, and THe Rabid Bat

In our third Summer of producing fun, physical, high-accessibility plays in Chicago, Rabid Bat Theatricals presented our first original work, The Princess, the Minstrel, and the Rabid Bat, in a touring production throughout the community gathering places of Chicago’s public parks.  This pop-up production set up shop in the city’s green spaces, and combined song, sword fights, mystery, and adventure to weave an enchanting hour of theatre that was shared free of charge by anyone who happened tp wander up.

AUg. 2014- a Midsummer Night's Dream at Moody's Pub

A Midsummer Night's Dream is that rare timeless tale which captures all of the pain and wonder of love. In our production, young actors played dress-up, danced, and performed live music throughout the restaurant environment of Moody's outdoor courtyard, invoking the simple magic of a communal event. 

Directed by Jae Daphne Kim and Sammy Zeisel, A Midsummer Night's Dream marked Rabid Bat Theatricals' return to Moody's Pub. The free show ran Mondays and Tuesdays, August 11-September 9, 2014.

Aug. 2013- Romeo and Juliet at Moody's Pub

Romeo and Juliet at Moody's Pub was an adapted, 90-minute production of Shakespeare's classic tragedy of love and death, performed outdoors in the courtyard of Edgewater's Moody's Pub every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in August.


With Romeo and Juliet, we aimed to create an event that makes the traditional interaction between audience and play more personal and less formal, moving the play out of the conventional theater and into the bar courtyard, encouraging patrons to make themselves comfortable- eat, drink, laugh, talk to each other, talk to us, even ignore us if they prefer- while eight actors and musicians performed around, between, and through the restaurant environment. 

Cut down to 90 minutes, exploring the connection between the promise of love and the presence of death, and featuring original music performed live, our Romeo and Juliet was an intimate look into the classic play and a fun event for a summer night.

Directed and Adapted by Ned Baker

Stage Manager/ Asst. Director: Justin Leider

Original music composed by: Patrick Budde

The Players:
Will Kazda, Ross Lemmon, Zoe Maltby, Shawn Morganlander, Annie Munch, Pernell Myers, and Ray Rehberg

Costume Design: Kelsey Melvin

Space Design: Corinne Bass

Choreography: Frankie DiCiaccio

Production Outreach: Danielle Littman

Video Production: Ray Rehberg

A WBEZ featured report on the show: